Volleyball is another game invented and developed in United State of America in 1895 just four years after the invention of Basketball.

Volleyball was invented by William Morgan at Holyoke Y.M.C.A {Young Men Christian Association} gymnasium,  in Massachusetts. U.S.A in his effort for a less strenuous and alternative game to basketball, a game which could be played by the fit an unfit individuals.

The game was first called `Mintonette` and was later changed to volleyball by Dr. A. T. Halstead of springfield University after watching the game.

The spread of the game throughout the U.S was mainly due to the influence of the Y.M.C.A [Young Men Christian Association]

In 1900 some accepted rules were enacted and in 1912 the 15 points game was introduced. The international volleyball Association was formed in 1947 and in 1964 volleyball became an Olympic sport.

Volleyball today is played by so many countries in the world

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