Nigerian Story By Akpabio Daniel ‘Apanfia’

By Akpabio Daniel


Otawanka has suffered a good deal in her life. She had given birth to five children and four of them had died in infancy. Usually before the age of four. At last Apanfia was born, and although ailing, she seemed determined to live.

At first Otawanks accepted her, as she had accepted others- with listless resignation, but when she lived on to her thired, and fourth years, love returned once more to her mother, and with love, anxiety to nurse her child to health, she put all her being into it.

She was rewarded by occasional spells of health during which Apanfia bubbled with energy like fresh palm wine. At such times she seemed beyond danger. But all of a sudden she was Evil.

These sudden bouts of sickness and health were typical of her kind. But she had lived so long that perphaps she had decided to stay. Some of them did become tired of their evil rounds of birth and death or took pity on their mothers, and stayed.

Otawanka believed deep inside her that Apanfia had come to stay, She believed because it was that faith alone that gave her own life any kind of meaning.

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