9 Rules In VolleyBall

We have written a Brief History Of Volleyball, for those viewers who requested for it. Check is below !!

This are basically the Nine Rules that are been used on the volleyball court during a match.

  1. The volleyball team is made up of six players and five substitutes, Each team has three frontcourt players and three backcourt players.
  2. The service is performed from the service area behind the end line. A player who touches the line while serving commits a foot fault.
  3. To perform the service, the ball should be thrown up with one hand and hit with the other. Players should not hit the ball without first throwing it upward.
  4. No player is allowed to hit the ball in play twice in succession and no team is allowed to hit the ball more than three times in succession before volleying the ball over the net.
  5. A team can only score a point when it has the serve.
  6. A point is scored each time the non-serving teams fail to return the ball over the net in a conventional way
  7. The first team to score 15 points with at least 2 points ahead wins the set. The winning team must lead with 2 points ahead eg. (17-15), (15-13), (16-14).
  8. A team wins the match with 2 sets out of 3 or 3 sets outs of 5
  9. A ball can be headed, or by the use of thigh over the net.

In conclusion, the above list are the basic rules in Volleyball

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