How To Convert Corel Draw Files To Picture Files. (cdr to jpeg)

Have You been in an annoying state, because you don’t know how to convert Corel draw files to picture files? you have a good art design in Corel draw and want to use it as a picture background for your computer, or as a website logo or you are willing to use it to create banner ads for a project? But you do not have an idea on how to convert it from Corel Draw format to picture or photo format? Therefore you’ve decided to screenshot it or print it out to be scanned so that you can use it for your needed purpose?

We have gone through some research and we have gotten the simple ways on how to Convert Corel Draw Files To Picture Files. After following the steps that would be listed and explained below, give it a trial, you will agree immediately with our research on how to convert corel draw files to picture files.We decided to post these articles immediately we got an answer because we received a message from one of our reader on how to Convert Corel Draw Files To Picture Files. We usually love interacting with our readers and viewers, we respect, read and reply to every message that gets to our inbox. If you need us to write an article on any topic, visit our contact us page and submit your message here.

How to convert Corel draw files to picture files, we are sharing with you how to quickly convert Corel Draw (.cdr) file extensions to picture format in steps. Take note the converted work will have the (.jpg) (jpeg) file extensions which mean it has been converted to picture format which can be used for your desired purposes.

Below are the researched steps on how to convert Corel Draw files to picture format (jpg)

  • Quickly go to Corel Draw and open your file “the one you want to convert to picture format”.
  • Highlight all the area of the file you want to convert. “you can quickly do this by pressing Ctrl A on the keyboard”
  • Click on Bitmap on the Menu Bar.
  • Click on convert to Bitmap on the drop-down menu.
  • A message box would appear, set it as you want or just click on ok to take the default setting.
  • After clicking on ok, the file is automatically converted to Bitmap file. Sometimes it automatically opens in Corel Photo-paint in which it allows you to quickly edit the converted file using the photo paint.

NOTE: Sometimes it does not open automatically after its conversion. With the file opened in Corel Draw after its conversion, click on Bitmap and click on Edit Bitmap to open the converted file in Corel Photo-paint.

  • After all work of conversion and editing the file in photo paint, Click on save “to save the file in JPEG picture format.

NOTE there is another graphics format available to choose when at the point of saving. But we strongly recommend you save the file in JPEG picture format.


We have been able to list out the various simple Ways On How To Convert Corel Draw Files To Picture Files. jpeg. If you did follow the steps correctly, then you should be able to Convert Corel Draw Files To Picture Files. If you are unable to convert your files to picture format on Corel draw, its either some important features of Corel draw had been blocked on your app. This sometimes happens when you are not using a paid licensed version of Corel Draw. We would advise you get the paid version so you could enjoy all important features on Corel Draw.

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