Top 10 Affordable Cars That Would Make You Stare At The Owner

The first sign that you have made in life is your personal ride. Owning a flashy set of wheels, expensive sports car or big comfortable limousine is a sure sign that you are successful, rich and possibly famous. For decades, success has been measured by the car you own. Most people don’t feel complete until they buy an over-the-top car and proudly drive it everywhere.

Paying a fair price is always important, but if you really want to get the cheapest car you have to look beyond the purchase price. Estimate its five Years Cost to Own figures combines depreciation with fuel, financing and insurance costs to help you make a more informed decision when choosing an affordable new car.

Here are the 10 cheapest, affordable cars that make people stare at you

1.Porsche Boxster

Its been about 20 years since Porsche introduced this roadster, it is safe to say that the Boxster revolutionized the concept of the open-top fun car and stood the test of time as a future classic which you can own today. Since the base 2.5-liter delivers healthy 200 HP it makes even the most affordable Boxsters pretty agile, fast and exciting to drive especially if paired with the 6-speed manual transmission.

The original price of just below $50,000 is long gone and today you can find decent examples for around $5,000 which is a steal.

2.Mercedes E55 AMG

In 1998, AMG released its ultimate version of standard E-Class in the form of the E55 AMG. From the outside, the E55 AMG looked like any other E-Class with just minimal changes but underneath the body, there was a 5.4-liter supercharged beast just waiting to be released.

With 349 HP and 391 lb-ft of torque, E55 AMG could accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 5.4 seconds which was late ‘90s Porsche Turbo territory. AMG built over 12,000 examples which make them relatively plentiful today and you can pick up a decent example for around $10,000 which is a steal.

3.Jaguar XJR

If you are a sucker for the everlasting Jaguar XJR`s style and looks, you will be pleased to know you can buy one of those beautiful, but problematic machines for under $10,000. That’s a far cry from the original $70,000 price tag and an inexpensive way to look rich for less than $10,000.

Jaguar introduced the XJR in 1998 and discontinued it in 2002. And this generation of the Jaguar XJR features a supercharged version of their venerable 4.0-liter V8 engine. It powers the rear wheels through an automatic transmission, delivering 375 HP.

4.Mercedes SL

When you think of the best car of the 1990s, there is one car that stands out and that is the famous Mercedes SL R129 generation. The SL roadsters were always fantastic driving machines and ultimate Stuttgart classics. However, the R129 was the symbol of the decade and the automotive personification of success, power, speed, and quality.

The mid-90s SL 600 with the V12 engine had an MSRP of over $120,000, which is around $200,000 by today’s rates. But now you can get one of those over-engineered roadsters for exactly 1/7th of the original price. This is an interesting proposition since rolling in a Mercedes SL convertible will scream that you are wealthy.

5. Bentley Arnage

The $25,000 mark is not a small amount of money, and with it, you can buy a lot of decent new cars. But you can also buy an early 2000s Bentley Arnage. Believe it or not, it’s one of the best-looking super-luxury cars of the early 21st century.

And, it is now in your price range. Of course, you must settle with an example with lots of miles and not a perfect service history. However, you’ll have a Bentley Arnage and look like a million digit.

6. Lotus Elise

When they presented the Lotus Elise in 1996, it caught the automotive world by storm. It was such a compact, yet beautiful roadster with a lightweight body and precise handling. And it was unique on the market and influenced many big manufacturers to produce similar models.

Although rare and somewhat expensive when new, you can find them now for around $20,000. This will make the Elise a great car for looking rich since it is a British almost hand-made sports car for a supermarket price.

7. Jaguar XK8

1999 Jaguar XK8.

Are you craving for an imported luxury coupe or convertible, but have a middle-class income? Why not opt for a used Jaguar XK Convertible. They introduced it in 1996 with an MSRP of over $70,000 and there are numerous well-kept examples on the market.

For the price of an average user a compact car for around $7,000, you will find yourself driving a luxury coupe with V8 power and a leather interior.

8.Maserati Quattroporte

One of the most interesting super-luxury sedans is the Maserati Quattroporte. This big and prestigious four-door sedan has a powerful engine, elegant yet sporty design, and uncompromised luxury. And, of course, it also has a high price tag.

However, today, you can find a 10 to 15-year-old model for around $20,000, which is a steal. Imagine showing up in a luxury sedan with a name that is hard to pronounce. There isn’t anything more upscale than that.

9.Jaguar XE

The smallest Jaguar currently in production is a compact executive sedan they call the XE. It is a handsome car with a modern design, powerful engines, and a great performance. It is also the competitor to the Mercedes C Class, Audi A4, and BMW 3-Series.

However, it is affordable with an MSRP of $34,000. This makes it great proposition for wannabe posh wheels by a notable brand at a Toyota price.

These are the 25 affordable cars that will make people think you are rich. Did you pick a favorite among them? If so, you’d better get out there and start shopping before it disappears.

10.Volkswagen Passat TDI

Volkswagen was selling its diesel-powered cars in America for some time, so they offered several models. And the buyers loved the economy and smooth running of those 2.0-liter turbo diesel engines. But, then “Dieselgate” happened. Apparently, Volkswagen was caught cheating on their emissions tests.

Although they told consumers diesel cars were a cleaner alternative, they were polluting the environment more than regular gasoline powered cars. This massively backfired and customers started disposing of its diesel-powered Passats, forcing the company to stop selling them in the U.S.

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